getting the funding for the Town Park

This is the vote whether or not to put back £10 million which the Ministers had removed from the capital programme so that the TownPark could be built: Annual Business Plan 2010 (P.117/2009) first amendment, proposed by Deputy Southern, 24th and 25th September 2009. Click here for the hansard of the debate, go to item 13 – last item of the day.

 The “ring-binder debate” – vote

POUR: 23   CONTRE: 22   ABSTAIN: 0
Senator S. Syvret   Senator T.A. Le Sueur    
Senator B.E. Shenton   Senator P.F. Routier    
Senator J.L. Perchard   Senator P.F.C. Ozouf    
Senator A. Breckon   Senator T.J. Le Main    
Senator A.J.D. Maclean   SenatorS.C.Ferguson    
Senator B.I. Le Marquand   Connétable of Trinity    
Connétable ofSt. Helier   Connétable of St. Brelade    
Connétable ofSt. John   Connétable ofSt.Clement    
Connétable of St. Lawrence   Connétable of St. Peter    
Deputy ofSt. Martin   Deputy R.C. Duhamel (S)    
Deputy R.G. Le Hérissier (S)   Deputy J.B. Fox (H)    
Deputy G.P. Southern (H)   Deputy of St. Ouen    
Deputy of Grouville   Deputy of  St. Peter    
Deputy J.A. Hilton (H)   Deputy J.A.N. Le Fondré (L)    
Deputy P.V.F. Le Claire (H)   Deputy of Trinity    
Deputy S. Pitman (H)   Deputy S.S.P.A. Power (B)    
Deputy M. Tadier (B)   Deputy K.C. Lewis (S)    
Deputy of St. Mary   Deputy I.J. Gorst (C)    
Deputy T.M. Pitman (H)   Deputy A.E. Jeune (B)    
Deputy M.R. Higgins (H)   Deputy A.T. Dupré (C)    
Deputy A.K.F. Green (H)   Deputy E.J. Noel (L)    
Deputy D. De Sousa (H)   Deputy T.A. Vallois (S)    
Deputy J.M. Maçon (S)        

No quotes from speeches, because really this is such a simple issue. Each person living in St. Mary has 2 vergees of space each. Each person in densely populated parts of  (preceding 4 words added as a correction on November 2nd 2011 due to comment see below) St. Helier has under 3 square metres  It is a simple issue of justice, of town residents and town workers having access to green space, trees, and flowers.



  1. Hmm. Using figures from Wiki for St Helier (28,000 population, 10.6 sq km) I get a figure for townies of about 378 square metres each, or about 0.2 of a vergee.

    • This comment has made me check my figures. From parish areas and breakdown by parish into built-up and non built up (Jersey in Figures) and parish populations (report of P72/2009 – but there must be other easier sources) I got the St. Mary figure of 1.9 vergees of non-built-up land per person in St. Mary. I think it is legitimate to call that 2 vergees per person. (The TOTAL vergees per head in St. mary is 2.291 call it 2.3)

      The St. helier figures are: non built-up vergees per head: .089 call it .1 (and TOTAL vergees per head: .186 call it .2)

      In square metres the comparisons are much easier to follow.

      St. Mary non built-up 3457.1
      St. Helier non built-up 160.5
      St. Maryites have 21.54 times more non built-up space each.

      But of course the St. Helier figures include large areas of countryside to the North.

      My figure of 3 square metres per head of open space in St. Helier came, if I remember correctly, from either Bruce Labey or from Simon Crowcroft, . It must be a figure for those living in the heavily populated area north of the Town Park. i.e. the main catchment area of the Park.

      Thanks for the correction forcing me to clarify


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