Walker on radio jersey

3 days before the election Frank Walker gets to “chat” to Gwyn Garfield-Bennett about politics. He does a 14 minute party political broadcast for the establishment party.

I will give you some quotes in a minute, and look at how the establishment are using the theme of “bad behaviour in the States” , but first – just what is going on? Where is the balance? Who was there to give an alternative view of what’s  happening in the States and why it is happening? The view set out, for example on this website? (see here.) 

Can anyone out there with the technical know-how please post the audio here? It is 1:16:34 in to the programme on this Sunday 16th

I am so angry that I will take this up with the BBC. Can I suggest that if you too see that there is a serious problem here, you write to BBC Jersey in the first instance?  Ask for their written guidelines on balance at election time. Ask what thought they gave to this aspect. Ask what they think they can do about putting it right!!  Ask how FW came to be on that programme at that time.  and anything else you can think of. BE POLITE.

Please share their responses here. Could be fun. Serious fun. We could form an action group and take on Radio Jersey and get them to be fair . . .

So, what did Walker say?

“there’s so many States members that are obsessed with personality politics, bringing this Minister or that Minister down, furthering their own agenda, and the discussion on the real debate on what matters to Jersey is being relegated almost into second place . . .

“somebody very well known in Jersey described it to me , just a few days ago,, let’s face it, the States have spent the last three years talking about themselves”

“I just hope that people will turn out and express their opinion and vote on Wednesday and let’s hope that we have a better States afterwards”

“It’s become too confrontational in my opinion, not least because of some of the personalities involved whom we won’t mention because many of them are standing for election.”

“All the do is create this unpleasant attitude, push the reputation of the States backwards, and make more and more people disaffected with our government, which is a big negative, and I’m just hoping  as I’ve said, that after the election things will improve, we’ll have a better States and we’ll gat back to doing the business we all need of them.”


First, I wrote, all unknowing of this broadcast, this at the start of my page “What`s happened to the States?” 

~This an important question. the establishment use this all the time – look the States is at each other’s throats, it is unseemly, it is bad for our reputation, it is bad for the island, so vote for me!  But do these politicians who make these appeals offer any analysis of what has gone wrong?”

Am i psychic, or what?

But it does confirm, for those who find some of what I have written on this site too cynical, who might find it hard to believe that politicians calculate and deceive and  spin  as I am suggesting, it does confirm precisely what I am putting forward.

Here is corroboration. Exactly what I suggested is happening, happens, a text-book example, days before voters go to the polls, and there s no comeback whatsoever.

Second,  here are the lies, no sorry, misleading statements:

  • “obsessed with ….  bringing this Minister or that Minister down”
  • “the States have spent the last three years talking about themselves”

Frank is talking about a different States to the one I have been sitting in for the last three years: Strategic Plan amendments, population, long-term care, sustainable transport policy, iik’s, GST, pay freeze, tenats’ rights, Island Plan, the list goes on and on. frank is simply making it up, or rather, his friend is.

Third, some other points

“make more and more people disaffected with our government,” –  and there might be other explanations???

“furthering their own agenda”,  errrr, I thought that was what we were in politics to do?? Or are we there to nod and bow?

An extraordinary episode in Jersey politics. Well I find it shocking. Do you?



  1. Very worrying. As are some of the articles and letters in the JEP tonight. I have seen the Portelet monstrosity for myself and will not be cajoled into thinking it is an iconic building by the efforts of our local paper or the paid for advertising along the roads.

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