are they competent?

The business party, sometimes called the “establishment” present themselves to you as “competent”. That is an important part of their appeal. ‘Look I handle lots of money in my business life, therefore I can handle lots of money well for the States.’

It sounds convincing, but what does the evidence show?

  • For a glimpse into the Lime Grove story see here
  • for the incinerator / Euro fiasco see here for “how to blame the Treasurer” and here for “don’t frighten the chickens – not telling States members the true costs.”

I will soon be putting up pages on these:

  • the failure to set up a Police Authority – keeping gong a broken system
  • the failure to sort out street works – millions of pounds of damage
  • suspensions and pay-offs
  • moving the Tourism Information Office from Liberation Square to where exactly. . .?

fSo, what is the lesson for voters?

The question here is – why all the mistakes? My take on it is that we have a one stripe government, It must be like discussing things in an echo chamber. Independent voices have been excluded. So there is no element of challenge. So the mistakes are born, grow, and then happen, or essential priorities are simply not resolved, and you the taxpayer pays.

Vote for those committed to regaining control over the process of government, those with the brains and the courage to challenge received “wisdom” those with good judgement, and above all, perhaps, those who know how to listen. Those who know how to take advice. and sift the good advice from the bad.



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