Posted by: whichwayshallivote | October 18, 2011


Two things: first, Radio Jersey’s guest on Sunday morning’s show Sunday Brunch was Frank Walker who, three days before the election, was free to give a 14 minute election broadcast for the establishment.  This raises massive questions about the BBC’s impartiality, and also it confirms precisely what I wrote on my page “What’s happened to the States?”, namely that the talk of the “discord” in the States has been hyped up to serve the interest of the establishment. For more click here.

Second, Mark Forskitt has told me that Philip Bailhache told the hustings on Monday that he would try to stop the Electoral Commission, which received a sizeable majority in the States because States members realised that our present undemocratic system cannot continue. And this is the candidate of “Reform” Pull the other one, Philip. DO NOT vote for this man.

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