The role of the MEDIA

I was going to quote actual headlines and stories from the JEP, but time presses so I will have to go on memory – sorry.

The point is, the “lie” or “incorrect information” about States spending being “out-of-control” is turned into a myth – something which everyone believes – by the JEP and the other media, who print or broadcast what the old guard say without any testing questions at all.

So we saw a headline about a 30% rise in States spending in 5 years – untrue.

We saw a headline about GST maybe rising to 12% “if the States spending carries on rising the way it is”. This came out of the CAG’s (Comptroller and Auditor General’s) report in February 2010, which as I showed on the page “MYTH NUMBER 1 – States spending is out of control” is completely inaccurate as it ignored inflation.

We saw a headline about how States were unable to control their spending based on a deeply flawed report from the PAC (Public Accounts Committee).

Then politicians responsible for these headlines know what they are doing. They are destroying the trust that might exist between the people and the government, by claiming that the whole States machine is inefficient and lazy, basically, to suit their own political agenda – which is to cut spending at all costs.

And the costs of our “low-spend” policy pursued over decades can be read here.

Oh well, why do you not counter the misinformation? – I hear you ask? The fact is that the ministers and the chairs of the big committees have resources at their disposal which backbenchers do not have. And as I say the press is just not critical, and there is no diversity, certainly not in the print media.

Again apologies I do not have the actual headlines to hand – then you would see more clearly exactly what I mean.




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