the BIGGEST lie – States spending

Two lies actually. But they are not “LIES” any more – too many people believe them. Maybe you are among them. They have become MYTHS. 

The word “lie” suggests that we know that the something is a lie. But once a lie is accepted, it determines the way people behave, and also they no longer suspect that it might not be true.  Then it becomes a myth.

MYTH NUMBER 1         States spending is rising massively, it is ‘out-of-control’ etc. etc.

Who puts this about? What do they say? Why is it untrue? See here.

MYTH  (partial myth) NUMBER 2        The States wastes your money

Some money is wasted. But is it “the States” or is it Ministers? How does this waste come about? Is it politicians? Or do the civil servants sit around thinking: ‘how shall I waste some more money today?’

The point is, this Myth is important because it props up the first Myth in the minds of the public. The connection goes like this: – States spending is rising massively.  But there is little evidence of this. Therefore there must be oodles of waste.

As I say, there is some waste. Mistakes, some of them massive, are made. The question is – how do we cure this? What do you do about it as a voter? But do not get taken in by “The States wastes your money” into believing that as a whole, States spending is ‘out-of-control’

For more, see here.

3     The role of the media

Do they question these myths?  Do they put the people saying these things on the spot?

I take a look at how the JEP projects these myths here.

4     The PURPOSE of this Lie

Who puts these myths about? Why do they do it? Why do they put so much energy into getting you to  believe something which is not true? Who benefits and who loses? See here.

5    The TRUTH about States spending

  • 1    it is less than all other wealthy jurisdictions as a percentage of national income
  • 2    it is less per head than the UK, by a country mile.

The UK of course has expenses which we do not have – such as defence and foreign affairs (although we seem to have a Foreign Minister now). But on the other hand we are a small island, and that makes everything  more expensive. For the truth about States spending see here.

6    Ahhhh, now I see what the problem is

It is Jersey’s low spending, over the years. In certain areas, Jersey’s government fails or has failed its citizens. The sewage leaks in our hospital, the toxic fumes from Bellozanne, the failure of the child protection system, the failure of the prison, environmental protection, we just can’t find the money to deal with these issues properly.

And the reason for that is simple – over the years we have tried to run a complex, modern society on a shoestring.  See here.

7     how are we going to pay for it all?

We are facing now a huge backlog of essential expenditure which will have to be paid for somehow.  The question is not ‘how can we avoid this expenditure?’ – we can’t, but rather: ‘how can we raise the money fairly?’ See here. for first thoughts on this.

What are the lessons for voters? See here.


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