About this site

Rewritten, 15th October 15.30

Welcome to “whichwayshallivote” and thank you for dropping in. I hope this site succeeds in unspinning the spin and is helpful to you as you work out where to put your crosses on October 19th. The picture is from South Africa . . . .

Most days I will be adding  to this site.  If you want to be tipped off when new material is published, then go to the subscription area at the foot of the right hand sidebar and sign up. This page is full of links – hover over words printed in colour, not black, and the title of the page appears, click and you go there.

My letter in the JEP of Friday 15th October highlighted the issues which are tackled on this website. Weigh them all in the balance when you come to vote.

  • Honesty and trust – go to the set of pages on spin, lies, misleading the States and the public – call it what you will.
  • States spending – I tell the true story in this set of pages starting here.  I call the lead page “The Biggest Lie” because that is what it is.
  • Competence – the old guard want you to assume that they are competent,  they must be, they are business people. The evidence starts here, and it says otherwise.
  • Which way did they vote? – I have selected key votes and listed them for you here.
  • Environment – only a brief introductory page written as yet,  although it is a vital issue. More on this soon.
  • Lessons for voters – as I go along I pick out at the end of some pages “lessons for voters.” Soon I will pull these together in one page.
  • Quick guide for voting – will be written last.

My favourite pages?  Try here and here and here and here and here.

On this site I try to get behind the myths so that we can all see more clearly what is going on.

I hope you visit again.

Daniel Wimberley.

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