the oral questions question

Not the most important issue in the world, but another example of mis-information. Or maybe it was just assembled so quickly that the officers just got it wrong. But it is just as easy to get it right. It takes no more time, does it? And anyway does not our government, at its highest level, the Chief Minister’s department, check its facts?

I quote from my proposition to curb dishonesty in the States – or “misleading information”

Case study 9 – oral questions – time allowed in other jurisdictions

60. The Comments of the CoM to Deputy M. Tadier of St, Brelades’s proposition to increase the time for Oral Questions to unlimited included the following table:

Jurisdiction                                                                           Time Restriction

United Kingdom Questions time –                              1 hour

Prime Minister’s questions –                                         30 minutes

Northern Ireland                                                                1.5 hours

Scotland General Question Time –                              20 minutes

First Minister’s  Question Time –                                 30 minutes

Themed Question Time–                                                  40 minutes

Australia                                                                                 Normally 1 hour, although the Prime Minister will

                                                                                                    terminate when s/he sees fit

Canada                                                                                    45 minutes

New Zealand                                                                         Twelve principal oral questions are asked, with

                                                                                                   supplementary questions also given, but they must

                                                                                                   relate to the initial subject matter

India                                                                                        1 hour

Japan                                                                                       45 minutes

Hong Kong                                                                            No more than 20 questions


61. Deputy M. Tadier of St. Brelade checked some of these statements. In the UK time for questions is 4 hours a week, on a comparable basis we have one hour a week. In Australia the Prime Minister tried once, long ago, to guillotine Question Time and the ensuing row has ensured that no Prime Minister has ever terminated Question Time since, nor would they dare. The Canada figure of 45 minutes forgot to mention that it is every day, giving a total of 3 hours 45 minutes a week.

62. The point here is not whether these comparisons are relevant. The point is that in an official Comments from the CoM incorrect and / or misleading information was given out.



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