The environment!

“The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the reverse.” – Herman Daly, in Steady-State Economics 1977.

Which candidates actually believe that it is of fundamental importance? Who will protect it? What does that involve?

The quote is from 1977! And yet in the Draft Strategic Plan 2009 – 2014, as presented to the States by Ministers, there was not a single word on the ecological constraints which face us. Some words about the financial turbulence occurring at the time, but nothing, not a word, about climate change or peak oil.

I shall write about what kind of thinking we need around the environment – when I’ve done with the BIGGEST LIE – the one about States spending.

It is in fact absolutely relevant to the environment. For example, at present we “cannot afford” proper environmental protection. See the page about “Aaaaah, now I see” towards the end. This is down to that crucial myth, the one that says that States spending has to be cut. Why? Because it is “out-of-control”. The trouble is – that is a myth, as I set out to show in the pages which are under the BIGGEST LIE page.



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