Syvret – Yes or No?

Has he lost the plot, as many are now convinced – or is he bang on the money?

Should you vote for him – or not?

“He will polarise the Assembly” – well yes, but what I call the “old guard” or the establishment Party got there first! The present government is not a broad church – it is an exclusion zone, added to that we see the constant use in the States of misinformation, or as some would say, lies, which my latest proposition seeks to address. (JEP Saturday, 15th October, page 2)

See the  page “Why tell lies” on this and the pages which flow on from that. So we have the clear impression that when it suits them the ruling party avoids honest and open discussion and uses spin and deception instead, in order to “get their way”. How can we “work together” when the ruling party puts their party interest above the island’s best interest?

Moving on, there are just two things that need saying

First, his principles, of fairness, environmental responsibility, of accountability, are succinct, they have not changed and you know that he will pursue them with eloquence, intelligence and courage.

Second, his battle for justice within Jersey. The way I see it, you may think all the stuff about Haut de la Garenne and a possible cover-up is over-blown, and that we should let it all drop. Well, maybe. But before you dismiss it all, I ask you to consider what he published about the possible serial murders at the Jersey Hospital.

They changed the way I think about all these questions, maybe they will shock you too.

I am not going to cut out and paste the “key points” – but I am going to give you a link. If you are dealing with an accusation of 10 or more murders you owe it to yourself to read the whole report. Fear not, it is brief and clear, and the question you have to ask yourself is this: faced with that report of a preliminary police investigation would you have said: “yes, we must carry on with this” – or would you have done what they in fact did, at a meeting of the head of the Hospital, the Viscount, the Chief of Police, the then Attorney general – now the Bailiff – and the policeman who wrote the report,  and say: “Nope, this goes nowhere”

So, the report is here. police report into deaths at Hospital and covering letter for Chief of Police  NOTE for reasons known only to WordPress this link takes you to another page where you have to click on the link again. To get back here you have to close the document first, then use the left arrow button top left on your screen.

For the entry on Stuart’s blog, with his take on this, and hundreds of comments, see here. This is the entry which landed Stuart in court for breaching data protection. Yes, he originally used the name of the nurse. Bad. Very bad.  But nevertheless, surely the public interest defence should have been allowed in court? Is it not in the public interest that this was published?

Be that as it may . . . what about voting for Syvret?

I have said repeatedly, in little bits about , “well what are the lessons for voting?” that we will need some politicians who are not afraid to challenge what they are being told, who have the brains and the determination to get to the bottom of things, and the integrity to start cleaning up the mess.

It’s your call.



  1. Vote Syvret he is articulate and will open up debates within the States knock the smug smiles off the face of the Establishment !!!

  2. Stuart has 3 votes from this household. We think he is fantastic.

  3. For the first time I did not vote for Stuart Syvret, sorry but the guy ran away from his problems, neglecting his job (to represent us) for six months. Sadly he has lost my respect and trust and I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for him anymore.

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