Which way did they vote?

Well now, which issues shall I choose?

I will select issues which I think are of fundamental importance, which show the deep convictions or mindset of your States members.

I will try to avoid votes where procedural ploys or other matters make the result ambiguous and difficult to “read.”

My first candidates will be:

  • The Town Park – getting the funding for it
  • The Town Park – stopping houses being built all round it
  • GST – raising to 5%
  • GST – exemptions
  • capping the population
  • electoral reform
  • stopping hazardous waste going into the old incinerator
  • cancelling the incinerator

Your requests to know about other votes are welcome.

This site carries a further set of important votes. Thanks to “Tim” who tipped me off about it.




  1. 1. The sunken road and the Waterfront masterplan
    2. Why WEB never gives any money back to the States
    3. Whatever happened to moving the harbour to the reclamation site? And how much consultants cost on that?
    4. Whatever happened to F. Cohen’s notion that Hopkins would do something to minimise the visual impact of the incinerator.
    5. The 28 days before the new states come in “28 days, why that’s very nearly a month”, as Hancock would say.

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