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Something new soon I promise

I am really sorry there is no real content yet on here. There will be soon.

I will focus first on the jolly topic of LYING, and I don’t mean lying in bed. However it dawned on me that rather than just telling folk what has shocked me so much in the States over the last 3 years, namely, the amount of lying that goes on and the  damage it does, and why can’t we have clean politics?

Rather than just talking the talk, I thought I should take a proposal to the States which should bring this practice to an end.

So I have been writing that, very slowly as I have “wheezy bronchitis” – but the pills are working . . . As soon as possible new pages will be written here.

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Welcome to “whichwayshallivote” and thank you for dropping in. I hope this site is helpful to you as you work out where to put your crosses on October 19th. The picture is from South Africa . . . .

This site is being written now. If you want to be tipped off when new material is published, then go to the subscription area at the foot of the right hand sidebar on this page and sign up.

My name is Daniel Wimberley.  This site will try to give you:

  • key information, for example, on which way existing States members voted on the big issues
  • “tell it like it is” – a true and accurate account of what really goes on in the States
  • pointers to what needs to be done in order to put things right.

Why are “standards of behaviour in the States slipping?”

Why is States spending ‘out of control’ ?

If we are spending so much how come Clinique Pinel was neglected for 10 years?

I try to get behind the myths and give the real answers to these questions. I hope you visit again.

Daniel Wimberley

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