Posted by: whichwayshallivote | October 14, 2011

More on the site – update

I am now dealing with the BIGGEST LIE of all – the “States spending is out of control” myth. For that is what it is – a myth.

We cannot have a sensible discussion on what needs to be done in this island, and how to pay for it, in an atmosphere poisoned by deceit. I was going to use the phrase “smoke and mirrors” but it is not that. I believe that the misinformation is deliberate. You can see for yourself.

Alright then maybe it is just a great big mistake, they all quote each other, no one takes inflation into account, for example, there isn’t any real dialogue in the States as it is a one-stripe government, and we all end up misled.

As a shorthand, however, and as it seems to be the simplest explanation, I will use the words “lies” and “myths.”  Who puts this misleading information about, why do they never correct it, why do they spend so much time and effort persuading us all of something that is untrue, what is the true picture, why does the States so often fail in its duties – all this and more – will be in the pages under the BIGGEST LIE of all heading.

And then – ooops – forgot the environment.  I would be expected to write about that – and point  in the direction of candidates with a genuine understanding of its importance to all policy, indeed to all life.



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